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Finding YOUR Plan

Anytime you’re thinking of changing your golf swing, a DEFINITIVE PLAN is critical. You need a plan that involves getting outside of your comfort zone. A plan that will allow you to achieve small goals along the way.

The driver swing takes approximately 1.8 seconds. There are up to 12 or more different positions in the golf swing:: takeaway, wrist hinge, core turn, shoulder turn, and right hip turn are just in the backswing. The downswing is the opposite sequence of positions,. The left hip turns. The core covers the ball. The club shallows and creates lag into impact position finally releasing to extension and follow through. Try thinking about all that in 1.8 seconds— there’s no way.

As an instructor, I encourage my students to achieve small goals along the way. Be very realistic about what you’re trying to accomplish with a lesson or series of lessons.



It is very important to find someone that really listens to what your goals are. Good teachers really try to determine your learning style. Is your learning style visual, auditory or something else.? Select a golf professional that really understands what you’re trying to accomplish and will work hard to help you reach your goals. Some teachers teach one style of swing.

I think there are many ways to swing a golf club. Everyone is different— body styles and flexibility both play a role into each unique swing. I try to make the golf swing as athletic as possible. Posture, grip, alignment, and pre-shot routine are non-negotiable fundamentals that have to be addressed, even with the best players. Good teachers work hard to help students attain their goals.


Where you practice is a very important part of planning. The best learning always takes place in an environment that is devoted to just that: learning. The practice facility is an environment where it is OK to:

  • make errors

  • hit crazy shots

  • micromanage your mechanics.

Having a space to do so without negative repercussions on your score is critical. Playing “golf swing” instead of golf during a round on the course is a recipe for disaster. The best place to do all this learning is on the range.


Playing lessons are very important during your quest to reach your golf potential. Playing a round of golf is fun. I encourage you to spend some of your time on the golf course. If so, this means keeping your score out of the playing lesson. Just play, hit multiple shots, work on short game, putting drills, and don’t worry about writing a number on the card. Your score is not important in a playing lesson— getting better is. Playing lessons are critical for a golf instructor to see exactly how you play golf, not golf swing. No matter how smart, how analytical or how technical you are, you can’t possibly think about all of the positions in the swing that take place in less than two seconds.


If you want to make some changes in your swing and get the most out of the lesson with your coach, you must have a plan that consists of specific rules and strategies to help you make progress. First of all, set aside a time to actually train and practice after your lessons. Pick a pressure free place, specifically the driving range, to learn, grow and reach your goals.


Embrace the fact that making changes is going to move you outside of your comfort zone and sometimes, that can be painful. The old adage that you may have to take a step back before you can get better is part of the price you may have to pay to reach your real potential in golf.


Stay patient and positive. Being coachable and having a teachable spirit is a trait I’ve seen through my life in successful people. Being positive paves the way to improvement. Keep your goals small. Start with breaking 100. Then being more consistent Eventually you'll be going for the club championship. Avoid trying to ”bite off more than you can chew” and accomplish and prioritize the one thing that needs focus. Also, remember that success never happens overnight. It takes time to develop new habits and muscle memory in your swing. remember golf is a game.


Golf is a great game that is much like life. It’s not easy. Golf keeps coming at you one shot at a time. One shot can be the best shot you’ve ever hit and the next time you’re right in the middle of adversity. It’s just like life. Have fun with this great game that you can play all your life. Good luck in your journey and unlocking your golf potential.

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