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Unlock your golf potential using plain english

About Butch

Butch English has been playing amateur golf since 1990 in the Carolina Golf Association and the Carolinas PGA. He has won three regular Men's Club Championships and six Senior Club Championships at the Peninsula Golf Club in Cornelius, NC.  

Not only does Butch have a passion for playing golf, he has a passion for coaching.  He is a former high school (E.E. Smith High School) and college basketball coach (Lafayette Junior College/Methodist  University).  He is also NFHS certified coach who currently coaches Pine Lake Prep High School (Mooresville, NC) where he led the team to the Conference Championship in 2019. In addition, he built teams as an executive at 3M (1980-84) and State Farm (1985-2013).  Butch's goal as a golf instructor is to help others realize their potential in golf. Butch currently resides in Cornelius, NC.     

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Philosophy on Coaching

Butch's coaching is for anyone wanting to unlock their golf potential, whether this be getting to a single-digit handicap or winning a club championship.

Services Include:

  • Course Management

  • Short Game

  • Basic Fundamentals

  • Golf EQ

  • On-Course Coaching

  • Tournament Prep

  • College Recruiting Process

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“The work and passion Butch has showed towards my son Justin has been extraordinary.  Whether it is on course management, short game technical skills or emotional intelligence.  Butch has made a tremendous difference in Justin’s game”

Ken Guilford

PGA Professional & Director of Golf at Cabbarus Golf Club

“I would highly recommend Plain English Golf to any golfer seeking to improve.  My son, Mason, has worked with Butch English for more than five years and has advanced his skills significantly. Butch is an excellent coach and serves as a mentor to young men."

Colin Bain

Butch and I established a few goals that would allow me to improve as a golfer. After working with him, I started to improve and make progress weekly while establishing a friendship with someone who carries a tremendous passion for the game.  Over the last year and a half, I was able to lower my handicap to a 6.2 index."

Keith Loranger

Training Facility

Butch trains at Sunset Hills Golf Course. Sunset Hills is a unique combination of golf that dates back to the roots of golf in America. Many people learned to play the game on low cost, inexpensive and fun to play publicly owned courses. Most of these facilities have either closed or experienced renovations that made them more difficult AND expensive, neither of which appeals to most golfers. Sunset Hills offers two distinctly different courses that fill the need for an inexpensive, fun and NON-INTIMIDATING round of golf. Each offers something for golfers of all skill levels, and does so for a price that is unmatched ANYWHERE! | (704) 787-1103

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